First Sight: Up close with Renault’s shape-shifting Morphoz

_Renault MORPHOZ (19) - ext front-on retracted

Luckily Car Design News had already seen Renault’s Geneva Motor Show concept car up close and personal in Paris a week before the Swiss event got cancelled. Now the embargo has lifted here’s the lowdown on the remarkable vari-sized vehicle and its innovative interior direct from some of the key designers behind the project…

In a secret warehouse in the St. Denis area of Paris Renault’s director of concept cars Francois Leboine explained that the Morphoz concept is the fifth ‘petal’ within Renault Design’s second ‘daisy’ series of lifecycle concept cars and represents the French brand’s Urban Family Mission. Possibly doffing its conceptual cap to the shape-shifting qualities of Rinspeed’s 2009 i-Change or indeed the 1992 Matra Zoom – the Morphoz also adapts its size, but in a different way, as Leboine declared: “We wanted a vehicle that could fulfil 85-90% of its customers’ needs and then extend to add an extra battery pack and more interior space for longer journeys.”

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