Ford’s new Maverick pick-up – handy and hybridised

HERO Ford Maverick_Hybrid_XLT_03

Ford’s new compact pick-up, dubbed Maverick, puts the emphasis on versatility and customisation. It will be available in ICE-only and hybrid options

For the first time in the US, Ford is launching a small pick-up truck designed for the adventurous, not-so-typical truck crowd. 

“There was a central question in this case: How do we leverage Ford’s strength and trust to attract new customers?” Ford chief designer Ehab Kaoud tells Car Design News. “The phrase we kept coming back to was simple, but not basic,” he says. The result was a unibody compact vehicle with flexible storage inside and out, priced at just US$19,995 for the entry-level model. 

“There’s nothing we could really benchmark against in the US,” Kaoud continues. “We had the Courier, and globally there’s a Fiat and a couple of other vehicles from VW, but what makes the Maverick very exciting is that it’s a hybrid that will do 40mpg and 500 miles on a single tank.”

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