Ford’s new Ranger embodies “global appetite” for North American truck

All-New Ford Ranger Raptor_01

Redesigned mid-size pickup gets toughened up to reflect a more American aesthetic — plus a high-performance Raptor model

Ford is going full ‘Murica mode with its newest generation of Ranger pickups, unveiled earlier this week. The mid-size truck, primarily designed at Ford’s Melbourne, Australia studio, has been a stalwart in Ford’s lineup across many global markets. But the big difference this time: Ford leans heavily into the American aesthetic to meet a growing shift in tastes around the globe. And it gets a badass, high-performance Raptor edition.  

“We learned the entire world aspires to what North American customers have come to expect from our trucks,” exterior design manager Nima Nourian told us during a sneak preview of the new Ranger at a lakeside summer camp about an hour west of Detroit. “So when we…

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