GAC Hyper GT goes all-in on aero

6Aion Hyper GT exteriorjpg

GAC has revealed its new electric grand tourer at an event in China, showcasing butterfly doors, ‘unique’ proportions and ultra-low wind resistance 

GAC has pulled out the stops with its latest sports car, the fully electric Hyper GT. Sold under its sister brand Aion, this grand tourer is in stark contrast to the Hyper SSR revealed in September 2022 and is clearly designed more as a long distance cruiser than a traffic light dragster.

A short front end is to be expected with any EV today, and in this case it combines with a long wheelbase and short overhangs. This allows for an enormous greenhouse that sweeps back to the rear of the car, almost touching the end of the boot lid; GAC describes its proportions as ‘unique.’ Significantly, this has also resulted in an astonishing drag co-efficient (Cd) of 0.19X, marking the Hyper GT as the world’s most aerodynamic production car. This is not far off the EQXX concept car by Mercedes-Benz, a boat-tailed sedan with a Cd of 0.17, and ahead of the EQS production car with a Cd of 0.20. 

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