Interior Motives: Volvo EX30


The EX30 might be Volvo’s smallest SUV to date, but its significance is mighty 

“Make the most sustainable car we have ever produced.” This was the brief set forward for the design team behind the Volvo EX30. Incidentally, it is the brand’s smallest SUV ever, but the effort to be green goes far deeper than making a lighter, more efficient car. This required the various divisions within design to sit down and – more than ever – think about how their usual goals could be achieved with this target in mind.

“At the very beginning we brought the different design departments together in various workshops where we defined the goals for our car,” explains Patrik Müller-Horn, senior interior design manager for the EX30. “We were very function-driven and considered many users and their daily struggles. That helped to create a true team spirit and common goals, which ultimately lead to a very coherent design and clean process.”

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