Italian coachbuilder modernises classic Citroen vans

Type H Citroen restomod exterior 2

Car Design News speaks with Italian coachbuilder Type H about the revival of the restomod 

The retromod has sat in its own niche for decades, oftentimes a labour of love that goes no further than a one-off commission. But in recent years, modified classics appear to have experienced a resurgence and in many cases with a scalable business model.

Numerous outfits around the world already offer modernised versions of iconic models, from Singer’s work with Porsche 911s to Eagle E’s efforts with the Jaguar E-Type and Mechatronik’s stately Mercedes M-Series Coupé and Cabriolets. Then there is the rebirth of legendary coachbuilder Radford. There are numerous others tinkering away with old Alfa Romeos, Fords and Volvos – frankly too many to mention.

As modern cars begin to adopt shared platforms, powertrains, switchgear and styling, there is a corner of the industry that yearns for the aesthetics of vehicles from the 50s, 60s and 70s – which many consider the golden age of car design. The trend even extends beyond passenger cars and into the commercial vehicle sector, where a pet project has evolved into a licensed fabricator of modernised Citroen HY vans.

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