Mormedi's modular autonomous concept challenges conventional vehicle design

Mormedi 101 autonomous concept 2

Design agency Mormedi has revealed an autonomous shuttle concept that shapeshifts between taxi, limousine, truck or last-mile delivery droid as needed

The 101 concept from Spanish design house Mormedi is an overtly futuristic take on the ‘future of mobility’ and is one of many projects that foresees a ‘one vehicle fits all’ solution – available, inevitably, at the tap of a smartphone app.

It hits all the right notes for a future mobility solution: driverless, electric, on-demand, modular. It looks the part, too, with renderings showing how powered modules at either end of the shuttle can detach and operate independently like Segways. These would shuffle off and deliver packages independently, before returning to the mothership. The central cabin which is sandwiched between two of these modules can be decked out as a comfortable and well-furnished people carrier, or a simple container unit for various commercial applications.

This kind of project is a little outside of CDN’s usual remit, of course. Mormedi’s VP of design Blake McEldowney even notes that the 101 was not seen as a conventional car design exercise but the creation of a system – drawing on his previous experience in product and mass transit design. However, the concept does lean on traditional car design principles for exterior and interior design, UX and CMF. Particularly in people-carrier form, there is a heavy emphasis on materials, layout and how passengers (and other road users) will interact with the vehicle. All this is relevant for future autonomous vehicles being hatched up by traditional car brands, of which there are many.

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