Nissan unveils four concepts, promises to go green

Nissan Surf Out Concept 2

Nissan has launched four concepts  based on the company’s CMF-EV platform that was first used by the Ariya, but they are very different in approach, shape and desired applications

Japanese automaker Nissan has revealed four very different concepts based on the CMF-EV platform – Chill-Out, Hang-Out, Surf-Out and Max-Out. Car Design News breaks them down. 


The Chill-Out concept has a simple and clean body, with curves and unadorned panels. Its shape is made by a single distinct shoulder line, which links to the top of the grille at the front. This grille area is large and stretches across the entirety of the front, with linear LED patterns at either edge creating a wing-like pattern. At the rear, the roofline slopes dramatically to meet the wide shoulders. These are accentuated by the enormous glossy black area, with a thin red LED strip outlining the shape. There is also a large glossy black bumper with a large hollow centre for air flow.

A glass dome sits on top of the body work, allowing passengers inside to bath in natural light and take in the view. The interior features a thin IP with a steering wheel, both of which can be folded away and act as a footrest for the front two occupants, while two more occupants can be seated in the back.

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