What is the future of the sports car?

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Sports car design is in flux – lead designers give their take on some the main trends

The sports car is all about speed, agility and the visceral experience of driving – the sounds, smells and vibrations as the horizon rushes towards you. It’s also about making a statement, with designs that make everything else look a little vanilla. 

But it’s no secret that the industry is in flux – electric powertrains are levelling the playing field, meaning engine size is no longer a differentiating factor. At the same time, automakers are under pressure to eke every last mile out of their battery packs, pushing aerodynamics and efficiency up the list of priorities. Those battery packs aren’t light either – some can weigh as much as a grand piano – and this doesn’t exactly lend itself to the needs of an agile sports car. 

So, in a world where everything is electric and everything is fast, how does the sportscar stand out? Are designers under pressure, or has an exciting new world of opportunity just presented itself?

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