Concept Car of the Week: Ford Zig and Zag (1990)

Ford Zig Zag 01

The Ford Zig and Zag concepts were shown at the 1990 Geneva motor show

As a precursor to Ford’s global ‘One Ford’ platform strategy, the carmaker showed a pair of concepts at the 1990 Geneva Motor Show. Designed at the firm’s Ghia studio in Turin, the Zig concept was a mica black, two-seat barchetta, while the bright white Zag was conceived as a sporty van.

The concepts were built on the existing Fiesta architecture of the time, and were designed to show the potential versatility of a platform with shared lower door and body panels, with the Zig and Zag showing the extremes of a range that could have potentially comprised sports cars, hatchbacks, sedans, pickups and delivery vans.

Speaking at the time, former managing director of Ghia, Filippo Sapino, said, “Tom Scott in Ford Advanced Design developed the concept, then we developed the shape [at Ghia to achieve a low cost] expansion of the model range.”

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