Concept Cars of the Week: Italdesign’s 20th anniversary cars (1988)


Giugiaro celebrated 20 years of success like only he could, with a trio of radical concept cars: Aztec, Apsid and Asgard

To launch a design practice in any field of creative endeavour, be it architecture, interior design, graphic design, or automotive design, is a risky venture at best.

The skills needed to sustain a practice over the long term are difficult to master and do not always cater to a designer’s personal and professional strengths. The failure rate is high, and even those who succeed may spend a decade or more struggling to establish themselves and create a steady clientele.

So when a practice lives to see its 20th birthday, it is an occasion worthy of celebration. Especially when that practice is Italdesign, Giorgetto Giugiaro’s automotive and industrial design practice in Italy. It had been quite a twenty years for Giugiaro, and the designs he produced in those two decades changed the automotive world.

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