Car Design Review 7: Shao Jingfeng, SAIC

3550 SAIC Anting_MJR9294

Shao Jingfeng of SAIC talks about Chinese design, the Roewe brand and the impending influence of 5G

The changes in the Chinese automotive market have been profound over the last ten years. We still face fierce competition and the issue remains for Chinese brands, how do we catch up with brands based in regions that have been designing cars for much longer?

Having good quality design and a holistic design language is a basic necessity, but if we only focus on those things we are still following, catching up. China faces big challenges over the next decade. The big challenges are uncertain Chinese aesthetics, a long history, big regional differences and fast development, too fast I think sometimes. In addition to these China-specific challenges, the industry as a whole is at a turning point with a lot of technology, uncertain power, autonomy and car sharing. There is a lot of financial risk in play at the moment.

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