Car Design Review X: Julien Montousse, Archer

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Archer design boss Julien Montousse shares his personal approach to design in this exclusive Car Design Review X interview   

After spending most of my life designing cars, I saw from a distance that technology breakthroughs were happening in aerospace and that they would unlock new aircraft architectures. I had to choose whether to stay on the outside, or be part of it and steer this new creative era.

I decided to join Archer with the objective of making a world impact. The first step was for me to regroup my thoughts and identify the clear ‘why’. Why are we flying electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs)? So people won’t be stuck in traffic. They’re going to fly above it. That’s the first obvious layer. It’s a utilitarian value proposition focused on saving time, but I still sensed there was a bigger ‘why’ that will ultimately enrich people’s lives and unlock new possibilities.

Then we took a couple of…

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