FCEV layout inspires return to conventional form

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Car Design News chats to Hopium’s chief designer about the Machina Vision concept

Much has been said of the shift to electric vehicles and how this will impact car design moving forward. Perhaps understandably given the lack of examples out there, less has been said of the hydrogen-powered variety.

One brand throwing its hat in the ring is Hopium, which at the latest Paris motor show revealed the Machina Vision concept. Far from the pebble-shaped look that we have come to expect of many electric sedans, the Machina sports a more conventional silhouette. With a flat grille, high nose and sculpted side sills, it is a refreshing return to form that is not driven by the demands of aerodynamics.

Felix Godard, the up-start’s chief design officer, spoke to Car Design News about how the fuel cell system influenced both the exterior and interior design.

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