Kevin Czinger on the future of design and manufacturing

FOS - Czinger HERO

Kevin Czinger talks to Car Design News about the 21C and why 3D printing is the future of car design and manufacturing 

The link between hypercars and aerospace engineering is long established, but nowhere is the connection more apparent than with the Czinger 21C. Founder Kevin Czinger is a fan of Lockheed Skunk Works, and, judging by the shots of the 21C alongside the legendary SR71 Blackbird spy plane, the feeling is mutual. 

And there is undoubtedly a strong aeronautical feel when you look at the 21C. For starters, the 1+1 central cockpit is much like the pilot and co-pilot configuration in a jet while the exaggerated butterfly doors look a little wing-like.  

Glinting in the summer sun, those dramatic doors were in full-effect on the Czinger stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed where Kevin and Lukas Czinger, the SVP of Czinger’s manufacturing arm Divergent, were clearly in their element among the throngs of high-performance enthusiasts. 

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