No surprises as Civic Type R goes performance first

05 2023 Honda Civic Type R

Honda’s aggressively styled Civic Type-R hatchback stays true to form, with flared arches, blood red bucket seats and a menacing new face

Five decades after the launch of the original Civic and 25 years after its Type-R variant first broke ground, Honda has revealed the latest generation of its iconic hot hatch. The formula is very much the same, with anchored handling, loud styling and an even louder engine.

As is the case for practically any new car today, aerodynamics has played a major role in its exterior design. This may be further emphasised by the fact it is based on the Civic eHEV base model, which has looked toward reduced drag as means of maximising its hybrid powertrain. But worry not; the Type R does has not been overly softened, with hard lines, heavily flared arches and a gaping front grille holding their own. 

Honda’s designers say they aimed to create an even more aggressive looking Type R this time round – no mean feat considering the snake-eyed glare of the previous generation. 

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