Design Essay: Big Screen, Big Problem?

Byton M-Byte_interior

Integrating screens in car interiors comes with a set of significant problems, from aesthetic decisions to considering the life-cycle of the vehicle. You could argue that how screens are handled within the instrument panel highlights many of the wider creative challenges of mobility design 

Electronic screens. They are, without doubt, one of the defining artefacts of modernity. Much like the ‘horseless carriages’ which roam our streets, the sophisticated and sometimes intoxicating displays ubiquitous in today’s homes, offices and pockets would no doubt have been considered nothing less than witchcraft a few hundred years back.

Though their progression from objects of wonder to everyday essentials has been remarkably similar, it has not (surprisingly) been until recently that the paths of the electronic screen and the motor car have begun to converge in any meaningful way.

Notwithstanding comical early attempts at in-car tech, such as the CRT monitors fitted to Aston Martin’s Lagonda series 3, driving was for many years one of few routine activities to provide our eyes some much-needed respite from screen glare.

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