Ali Shoghimojarad has won the Magna Global Bold Perspective Award 2021 with his RAM Endurance concept vehicle design. The team at Car Design News extends their congratulations and acknowledges his brilliant work, which is extensively detailed and looks to provide solutions for real world problems and challenges of today.

A fire-proof pick-up truck that takes inspiration from the Nasa Space Shuttle and armoured vehicles, Shoghimojarad’s Endurance concept aims to keep residents of California safe during wildfires. His thorough research into climate change and the rising frequency of extreme weather events provided sobering but vital insights that informed the design of innovative features on the concept, such as the in-built conveyor system for quicker loading and an impenetrable skin made from titanium carbide.

“Entries into this design competition often present a worthy concept, great aesthetics, or innovative thinking,” said Larry Erickson, global director of exteriors design group, Magna International. “The ones that really get the attention are those that stand out on all attributes. This is where Ali really brings it home. By focusing on a compelling design challenge with insight and scope, Ali identifies problems that his design needs to address. At the same time, he is not neglecting the other aspects of the vehicle that make it a desirable purchase – aesthetics, identity, emotion.”

Liz Wetzel, co-director, Transportation Design College of Architecture and Design, Lawrence Technology University, also praised the winning concept. “It was your effort and talent that was undeniable. But within that effort came a thoughtful and timely brief that addresses the challenges that we may continue to deal with in the face of a warming climate. The thoughtfulness of your entry, from the brief to the extensive iteration, problem solving and amazing form that emerged as a result, really stood out.”

Shoghimojarad’s concept was up against tough competition. Extremely strong work was submitted by Adrian Schmidt with his streamlined SUV off-roader, as well as Pengqi Yang and Dongfang Qin with their scalable travel pods. These two other projects were highly praised by the judges, and the teams were both awarded a US$6,000 cash prize. Shoghimojarad also received US$6,000, plus an extra US$5,000 for taking the top spot overall.

The Magna Global Bold Perspective Award is set to take place again next year. Submissions are not yet being taken, but Erickson has provided a glimpse into what to expect. “In the world of today, mobility for all, sustainability and health issues are great challenges. We believe there are more great concepts out there in the imagination of tomorrow’s designers. As we continue to evolve this competition, we are looking to expand to new regions to not only attract a more diverse community, but to also gain more visibility globally for the participants submitting their work.”