Car design is moving quicker than ever, with new technology and software coming available at a pace that may soon mirror what is happening with consumer electronics.

At the same time, start-ups are entering the market with a point to prove, and traditional car designers are being forced to adapt. All of this seems to be pushing designers to work faster, to do more, and to constantly evolve their products. 

In what was very much a spur of the moment interview, Car Design News sat down with Massimo Frascella of JLR, Pratap Bose of Mahindra and Andreas Kurbos of Studiokurbos to dig in to the subject in more detail.  

In this article: 

Massimo circular

Massimo Frascella, design director, JLR


Andreas Kurbos

Andreas Kurbos, managing director, studiokurbos GmbH



Pratap Bose, head of design, Mahindra