Coachbuilder reimagines DeTomaso Pantera, but not as an EV

Panther Evo Ares Modena lights

Car Design News takes a look at the latest work from Italian coachbuilder Ares Modena: the Panther Evo

The DeTomaso Pantera is arguably one of the most iconic models – and names – of the last century in car design. Design house Ares Modena has been gradually reviving this hallowed supercar, and most recently showcased the Panther Evo, the next step on from the Panther ProgettoUno. It is not the only Italian icon that has been reborn of late, with Alfa Romeo re-launching the 33 Stradale to much fanfare late last month. 

The Panther Evo project was led by Gianluca Cordua, head of design at Ares Modena. A graduate of the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Cordua has been with Ares for nearly five years now, working on coachbuilding projects such as the Ares Defender 4x4, the 50s-inspired Ares Wami Lalique roadster and a reimagined Bentley Mulsanne Coupe. He may also have leaned on his experience working on a Lamborghini concept for his masters project while at SPD. In any case, this will surely have been exciting project for someone in the early stages of their design career. 

Panther Evo by lake

On brand: the Panther Evo by an Italian lake

CDN caught up with Cordua to learn more about the Panther Evo and how the team combined modern techniques with retro-futurist design cues during its development. 

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