Cyberster the start of something special, says MG

Carl Gotham at Geneva Motor Show 2024

Carl Gotham, design director at SAIC’s London studio, chats about the resurgence of the new-look MG brand and the role design has played in that

Not long after presenting the all-new MG3 on stage at the Geneva Motor Show, long-time SAIC designer Carl Gotham, who heads up the brand’s London studio, sat down with us to reflect on where the brand is at and what’s coming down the line.

But this was not a conversastion had while perched on stools or huddled amid the crowd – instead, we took refuge in one of the new sedans that caught CDN’s eye, the MG7, which also proved to be a handy recording studio. 

MG stand at Geneva 2024 Cyberster and MG7

The sizeable MG stand at Geneva 2024, with Cyberster and MG7 at the centre

Car Design News: We will get to the MG7 in a moment, but there is a solid view of the Cyberster to our left with its finished interior on full display; the yoke steering wheel has gone and there is nappa leather. This must feel quite special to you and the team?

Carl Gotham: Absolutely. The Cyberster is kind of an elevated experience for us. It’s different to MGs of the past, for sure, but that’s because it represents a different era of motoring. We’re in the age of electrification now and everything is amplified. Its performance is crazy – this is the fastest MG production car ever made – so everything is designed to make it feel like a really special experience, to be honest.

And I think that…

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