Kia explores new typologies amid EV shift

Kia EV4 concept747

Kia’s recent ‘EV day’ showcased not only a new production car but also two exciting new concepts, one of which explicitly aims to redefine an existing segment in the sedan. Teckkoun Kim, design director for Kia Next Design Group, tells us more  

It was only recently that Kia showcased the EV9 full-size SUV but the brand is not hanging around with its next launches, revealing not only a new production car but also two new concepts. These bulk out Kia’s EV-prefix portfolio (previously sporty crossover EV6 and EV9 SUV) with the smaller EV3 compact SUV, EV4 sedan and sleek SUV EV5. 

A familiar look prevails across all models and there is very much a family feel. But the design team from Namyang has avoided the Russian doll effect; these are not the same cars simply sized up or down accordingly. Teckkoun Kim, design director for Kia Next Design Group, tells CDN that each model is distinct in its own right due to two factors. First is Kia’s design philosophy “Opposites United”, which he explains is…

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