Volvo on People Awards win and lighting design


Voted best lighting team at the 2023 People Awards, Volvo’s designers spoke to CDN about what’s next and how it feels to be recognised on a global stage 

At the inaugural People Awards in 2022, it was Skoda that took home the award for best lighting design team. Head of that department, Petr Nevrela, spoke with us shortly after about how it had impacted the team moving forward, raising their profile not only within the company but also within the industry itself. 

In 2023, the honours went to Volvo’s lighting design team, whose submission was described by the judges as “astonishing” – with what we assume is an unashamed pun in that the team is “lighting the way forward.”  

Ahead of this year’s awards in December, we caught up with Örjan Sterner, Marcus Nilsson and Ole-Kristian Bjerke to see how they approach exterior lighting design and what the recognition meant for them as a team. 

Marcus Nilsson (left) observes lamp assembly

Marcus Nilsson (left) observes lamp assembly

Marcus Nilsson (top) review lamp in the dark

Marcus Nilsson (top) review lamp in the dark

Marcus Nilsson (right) with EX90 lamp assembly

Marcus Nilsson (right) with EX90 lamp assembly

Marcus Nilsson (right)

Marcus Nilsson (right)

Volvo EX30 exterior design team

Some of the wider Volvo EX30 exterior design team; Sterner (centre) in the white shirt

Car Design News: Congratulations again on the award. How do you see the role of exterior lighting in the overall design process – it seems to be far more important of late.

VC: Historically, the grille and lamps have been crucial elements in defining a car’s expression and identity. However, in the era of electric vehicles (EVs), the traditional grille has lost relevance. Volvo adheres to its Scandinavian design philosophy, where form follows function, so in this context, the lighting signature has assumed an even more significant role.

The iconic Thor’s hammer and…

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