Autonomous shuttle concept goes all in on wellness

Asahi Kasei autonomous vehicle concept AKXY2 official sketch 5

Car Design News speaks with Sage’s design manager Julie Jacobs about a new concept and where autonomous vehicle interiors may be headed  

Industry trends are converging around sustainability, wellness and inclusivity. Cars should be clean and green, accessible by all and ultimately enrich our lives – or at least become more enjoyable places to spend time. One supplier recently revealed a new concept that aims to address all three trends, opting instead for “sustainability, satisfaction and society”. 

Co-designed by Sage Automotive Interiors, its parent company Asahi Kasei and Kyoto-based design studio Fortmarei, the AKXY2 (pronounced “axie two”) projects where future vehicle interiors may be headed and showcases the latest advances in materials science. The team behind it say the plan was to essentially develop an extension of a person’s home – which at this stage is certainly one of the more popular avenues for vehicle concepts.

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