Design driven: Peugeot E-5008

Peugeot e-5008 Caltex garage HERO

Car Design News takes a Scandinavian road trip in Peugeot’s new all-electric seven-seater SUV, the e-5008

The Øresund Bridge, which connects Denmark to Sweden, would likely not exist without the car. An idea first put forward in the early 20th century, the case for joining the two countries became irresistible following the mass adoption of motorised transport. 

Designed by Danish architect Georg Rotn, it was symbolic of Scandinavian pragmatism and woollier ideas around openness. Since opening in 2000, the bridge has captured the imagination of TV producers, musicians and, at a more prosaic level, commuters. The ten or so minutes it takes to drive across it is, if such a thing is possible, low-key spectacular.

It has a very Scandinavian appearance. The towers, a double-brace of austere concrete batons, are a dizzying display of functionality while the bridge itself tracks a soft curve across the water. The surrounding scenery, low green undulations, offer little drama. Still, there is something compelling about crossing national borders in a car

The car in question is Peugeot’s new all-electric SUV, the E-5008, a seven-seater aimed at what the French OEM characterises as families and ‘active empty-nesters’. My companion and I, journeying from Copenhagen to Åhus on the east coast of Sweden via a couple of pit stops, can be described as neither; some projection is required.

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