How is AI influencing car design?


Car Design News learns how artificial intelligence (AI) could push the boundaries of automotive design 

Designers draw inspiration from all manner of places, from fashion, architecture and nature to sport or other vehicles like bikes, planes and boats. In some cases, weapons even come into the picture, with sculptural scimitar blades inspiring the gentle curve of a roofline. But for all the creative nous in the world, there is always the challenge of coming up with something new – with pushing the boundaries where car design is already worlds away from where it was a century ago. A task that has always been done by hand – be it sketching, moulding clay or digitally rendering – car design is gradually feeling the influence of artificial intelligence.

Not everyone is on board with AI just yet, but Fan Zhang, design director at GAC, is certainly interested in what it might mean for his teams and the wider design community. “Recently, one area I have been following is art and design created by AI. This is quite a provocative topic because a lot of designers resent the idea that design could be taken over by a computer,” he tells Car Design News.

Gilles Vidal, design director at Renault, describes AI as “an extra tool that can help you dig out and find new ideas and possibilities.”

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