The irresistable rise of Hyundai, Countach controversy, compelling concepts and the death of design legend Robert Opron. Car Design News compiles the most popular stories from 2021

After the tumult of last year, 2021 seemed to be the moment where the auto world finally adjusted to the altered landscape of lockdowns and video calls. Nevertheless, amid the backdrop of atomised workforces and design in the virtual space, there was some great work, particularly in the realm of concept cars. Perhaps the best example is the Renault 5 Prototype, which scooped the Car Design Review Concept Car of the Year Award. 

We lost a true design great in Robert Opron, witnessed a row over the new Lamborghini Countach, and marked the 30th anniversary of the DeLorean story – one of the most compelling chapters in automotive history. We also charted the never-ending saga of people moves and examined the design future of the SUV. The year unquestionably belonged to Hyundai, which swept all before it with the Ioniq 5. Below are the most read stories from 2021.