Q&A: Francois Leboine on the new Fiat Panda family

1. 2024 Fiat Grande Panda (production) - ext F3Q (outside)

Car Design News spoke to Francois Leboine on the new Fiat Panda family

The first production pictures of the Fiat Grande Panda were revealed today, heralding a crucial new family of vehicles for the Italian marque. They also confirm the exterior design direction previewed back on the press day of the ill-fated 2024 Geneva Motor in late February, when conceptual renders of a potential five-strong Panda model line-up – comprising City Car, Camper, Fastback, Pick-Up and SUV variants – were launched digitally, away from the physical Swiss event the Stellantis Group snubbed.

The 2024 Grande Panda is the production version of the earlier City Car concept and is clearly inspired by the 1980 original Panda designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. At 3.99 metres long, it is a much bigger fish than Giugiaro’s 3380mm model, but says Fiat’s PR, still shorter than the 4.06-metre modern industry average for this segment. Times have moved on in customer size and expectation for sure – and the powertrain options are now hybrid and full-electric – but the original’s charm appears to have been retained, at least on the basis of viewing these digital renders.

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