Volvo offers a vision for electric SUVs with Concept Recharge

Volvo Concept Recharge HERO

Volvo has unveiled its new Concept Recharge – an alternative take on the XC90 that is set to launch the company into an electric-only future

Volvo has looked to the past to lay the foundations for its next generation of fully electric cars. The company’s recently launched Concept Recharge is based on the XC90, but unlike the combustion version, it uses a new electric-only platform. Up until now, all of Volvo’s EVs used the same platform as its combustion vehicles.

The removal of the internal combustion engine and change of platform has allowed Volvo’s designers to develop the car’s proportions and improve aerodynamic efficiency. The wheelbase has been extended, the overhangs are shorter, and the bonnet has been lowered. Along with the elongated roofline, this all gives the Concept Recharge a rather dramatic silhouette.

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