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    GM EN-V concepts (w/ Gallery)


    General Motors, and its Chinese partner SAIC, revealed three two-seat personal mobility concepts in Shanghai today. Called the EN-V – an acronym for Electric Networked-Vehicle – the Xiao (Laugh), Jiao (Pride) and Maio (Magic) models embody different characteristics for future transportation.

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    Geely Englon TXN (w/ Gallery)


    Geely is poised to show 39 new vehicles at the forthcoming Auto China 2010 motor show in Beijing, among them will be this new TXN taxi. While most of the new cars on show won't be built around entirely new sheet metal - some will feature new powertrains, for example ...

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    SAIC Leaf concept


    The Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) will unveil this futuristic concept at next week's Beijing motor show. Called the Leaf, the new concept has no relation to Nissan's concept car shown in Tokyo last year. It is a much more fanciful two-seat concept car whose design is entirely open to ...

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    Geely Emgrand GE (w/ Gallery)


    Known for unveiling a host of vehicles at its home shows in the Chinese domestic market, Geely will be revealing a redesigned version of the GE limousine alongside a number of other 'Emgrand’ concepts at the Beijing motor show next week.

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    Buick Envision SUV concept


    20 Apr 11Buick Envision SUV conceptAnother car that broke cover at Shanghai, was the Buick Envision SUV concept. The Envision is another car that slots into the coverted crossover niche, and was developed jointly by Shanghai GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC). The Envision is said to ...

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    BMW Gran Coupé


    BMW has announced its interpretation of the four-door coupé. Following in the footsteps of the Audi A7, Mercedes-Benz's CLS and the Porsche Panamera, the Gran Coupé is said to offer a level of practicality missing from its premium rivals.

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    Changan Honor


    The production version of the Changan Honor was unveiled at the Guangzhou motor show last month, six months after the concept was announced.

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    Roewe 950


    SAIC has released details and images of the production version of its new Roewe 950, which will make its world debut at this month's Beijing International Motor Show. The Roewe 950 will be the flagship product of SAIC's range.

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    MG Icon concept


    The MG Icon concept will be unveiled at the Beijing motor show next week in order to test public reaction to a small crossover, as well as suggesting a new design direction for the brand.

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    Changan Raeton


    Changan is predominantly active in the small car market, but the mid-sizes Raeton is aimed at entering the official and private vehicle markets, measuring in at a length of 4,920mm, a width of 1,825mm, while the car stands at 1,500mm tall riding on a wheelbase of 2,800mm. The development was ...

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    Volkswagen Santana


    The Volkswagen Santana is a motoring icon in China. Visit Shanghai and the streets are clogged with scores of the sedans doing duty as taxis and official cars almost unaltered from the original 1980s design. Over 4 million have been sold in the last 29 years.This all-new car was designed ...

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    Qoros GQ3


    The Qoros GQ3 has been revealed ahead of its Geneva show debut in March.

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    Who's Where: Ken Ma joins Geely Automobile as Design Director


    Ken Ma (Ma Zheng Kun) has joined Geely Automobile as Design Director. His role will be to assist the work of Geely Group Senior Vice Design President, Peter Horbury, in enhancing the Geely brand's design capacity.

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    Ken Ma appointed VP Design at Chang'an


    Former Shanghai Automotive Technical Center (SATC) design director Ken Ma joined Changan Automobile Group as vice president of the firm's Engineering Research Center late last year. Ma's new role puts him in charge of the Group's global design department, reporting directly to Changan group chairman LiuPin Xu on all design ...

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    BMW DesignworksUSA to revamp Singapore Airlines


    BMW DesignworksUSA has been set the task of developing Singapore Airlines' new First Class seats and cabin interior.

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    Studio Tour: Yanfeng Johnson Controls


    We caught up with Johnson Control's Gordon Miller in China during the last few weeks in his role as Design Studio Manager at Shanghai Yanfeng Johnson Controls. As a designer who cut his teeth in the states, how had he adapted to his time in the Chinese arm of JCI?

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    Studio Focus: SAIC European Design Centre


    But is the use of synchronized modeling and videoconference design reviews really a substitute for being in the same studio? While Martin concedes "there's no substitute for being there and reading the body language," there's also the feeling that people feel a little more free to be honest - something ...

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    Studio Focus: SAIC European Design Centre


    SAIC European Design CentreBrands MG and RoeweEstablished 2010 (in current guise)Location Longbridge, UKStaff 35Studio leader Martin Uhlarik

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    Design Development: Changan Chana E301 concept


    If you're looking for evidence of increasing confidence and content in concept cars from Chinese carmakers, you'll find it in the Chana E301. One of the surprise hits of the 2009 Shanghai auto show, the boldly asymmetric concept was commissioned by Changan Automobile, a manufacturer that recently gained Chinese Central ...

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    Design Review: Yanfeng Visteon Q-e concept


    One of the interesting aspects of attending motor shows is seeking out the lesser known - but equally fascinating - concepts from the suppliers and consultants to the major manufacturers. A recent example of this was the Yanfeng Visteon Q-e concept shown at Auto China 2010 in Beijing last month. ...