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Since its establishment in 2006, GAC Design has been internationally recognized for its competency in automotive design and innovation. At the GAC R&D Center, GAC Design has been creating world-class automotive designs for a series of concept and production vehicles, effectively supporting the fast growth of GAC Group (Guangzhou Automotive Group Co. Ltd). We assemble creative talent around the world, with design studios in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Los Angeles. Our goal is to explore the boundaries of automotive design and become an important player on the global design stage.


    Interior Motives Summer 2021: GAC Enpulse


    With a refulgent yellow interior, a structurally impressive IP and pop culture stylings, GAC’s LA team has designed a sportscar for the digital age with the Enpulse 

  • Fan Zhang GAC Car Design Review 7

    GAC’s Fan Zhang: “Form language lasts for one generation in China”


    Design moves fast in China, says GAC’s Fan Zhang, which means creating distinct identities for multiple brands is a serious challenge, especially when there is so much competition 

  • Interior Motors Spring 2020

    Interior Motives Spring 2020 Digital Edition


    Check out the spring digital edition of Interior Motives, featuring in-depth interior design trends, interviews, sketches and galleries featuring Lexus, GMC, BMW, GAC and more

  • Acr121226813177654401164

    Watch: GAC global design teams collaborating in a virtual world

    2020-05-27T17:24:00+01:00By Car Design News

    The GAC international design team, Fan Zhang, Pontus Fontaeus and David Hilton give a detailed digital design presentation about the interior and exterior design development of the GAC ENO.146, the soon-to-launch Aion V EV and reveal intriguing details about a new concept bound for the Beijing motorshow

  • ENO.146 AERO tunnel 02

    GAC ENO.146 Concept - the interior story

    2020-05-14T16:23:00+01:00By Car Design News

    GAC achieved a world record in aerodynamics for its ENO.146 concept and also made sure the car could sit up to six passengers

  • ENO.146 ext dev.01

    First Sight: ​GAC’s record breaking ENO.146 concept

    2019-12-03T14:41:00+00:00By Mark Andrews

    GAC has unveiled the ENO.146 concept, with the lowest drag coefficient of any four-door sedan at 0.146Cd. Car Design News spoke to Fan Zhang about how they did it

  • CDN_Fan Zhang_CDR6_1920

    Designer Interview: Fan Zhang, GAC

    2019-11-04T21:38:00+00:00By Car Design News

    From Car Design Review 6, comes our interview with GAC VP and head of design, Fan Zhang.

  • CDN_InteriorMotives-S19_GAC_ENTRANZE_DESIGN_INT_06

    GAC Entranze - designed to share experiences

    2019-08-23T12:02:00+01:00By Lem Bingley

    Chinese automotive company GAC used virtual reality technology to connect the China and LA studios’ together to design this striking crossover-MPV for the Detroit auto show in 2019. Look inside and the fresh approach to the MPV typology becomes even more apparent - led by Pontus Fontaeus, its interior materials, textures and shapes create some really interesting themes for travelling with friends or family in the connected age

  • IMG_9134.JPG

    GAC's new GA6 sedan focuses on space and light


    GAC’s new GA6 production sedan launches in Shanghai 2019

  • gac-entranze-wheel.jpg

    Detroit 2019: Pontus Fontaeus on the GAC Entranze concept

    2019-01-15T18:23:00+00:00By Lem Bingley

    Designed from the inside out. Here’s how…

  • 2018_GAC-Aion-S.jpg

    GAC Aion S revealed at Guangzhou Motor Show


    New electric sedan ticks all the ‘Car 2.0’ boxes

  • 3512 CDN GAC-9447-Edit.jpg

    🇨🇳 Inside GAC’s new Shanghai studio


    Head of Design Fan Zhang gives us a tour of the brand new facility

  • David Hilton moves to Shanghai and new role with GAC R&D

    David Hilton moves to GAC Shanghai


    David Hilton moves to Shanghai and new role with GAC R&D

  • B0011028 300dpi no glare.jpg

    Design Interview: Fan Zhang, GAC

    2018-09-10T15:30:00+01:00By Car Design News

    From yearbook 5: GAC’s design head on breaking the Chinese stereotypes

  • GAC-Reveal.jpg

    Studio visit: GAC’s new LA facility


    Zhang Fan and Pontus Fontaeus show us round their new Los Angeles design studio

  • floor_plan

    GAC opens advanced design centre in Los Angeles


    Digitally-driven studio will deal in mobility and cultural immersion

  • 1.png

    Design Development: GAC Enverge concept

    2018-02-16T17:33:31+00:00By Car Design News

    A look into GAC’s trend-driven poster car which prefaces their planned entrance to the US market

  • 20180116_120445.jpg

    Detroit 2018: GAC Enverge Keeps Things On-Trend


    It wouldn't be a late-2010s motor show without a Chinese electric SUV concept. The difference is, the sleek Enverge aims specifically at America

  • Img 1078

    Detroit 2017: GAC’s growing ambitions

    2017-01-10T03:32:43+00:00By Chris Maillard

    The Chinese company has big plans and a quirky concept

  • Jozef Kabaň on Skoda's future, worries of excessive consumerism and his team's legacy

    2016-05-03T11:57:17+01:00By Owen Ready

    25 years after Skoda was bought by the VW Group we speak to its Chief designer

  • Gac Trumpchi I Lounge 01

    New Car: GAC i-Lounge concept

    2015-12-07T12:55:08+00:00By Tom Phillips

    Guangzhou Motor Show concept car previews Trumpchi's first full-size MPV

  • Subaru Legacy concept


    With other Japanese carmakers either missing or in a very subdued mood, NAIAS 2009 was Subaru's chance to shine.

  • Subaru Legacy and Outback


    This is the international debut of the fifth-generation Legacy and its slightly off-road derivative, the Outback.

  • GAC VIP Lounge concept


    One of the surprise hits of today's Shanghai auto show was this four-door luxury sedan displayed by Guangzhou Auto (GAC) - a Chinese joint venture with Honda and Toyota. Dubbed the VIP-Lounge Concept, the design study wears the company's independent GAC brand label and is rumored to have been created ...

  • Subaru Legacy concept


    Fuji Heavy Industries, the parent of Subaru automobiles, has released a teaser image of its new Legacy concept. Scheduled to debut in Detroit next month, the Legacy concept celebrates 20 years of the Legacy sedan and showcases the future design direction of its newest iteration.

  • VIDEO: Subaru Legacy concept


    The Subaru Legacy, previewed in concept form at the 2009 NAIAS, marks the vehicle's 20th anniversary and signals the design direction of the company's next-generation sedan.

  • GAC VIP Lounge concept


    GAC (Guangzhou Auto Company) bought the rights, tooling, machinery and equipment from Fiat late last year to make its own version of the Alfa Romeo 166 - and here is the Chinese Alfa, under the nametag VIP Lounge. Despite a low-impact restyling and some fussier detailing - thought to be ...

  • GAC Trumpchi GS5


    Guangzhou Auto Corp has released these images of the production Trumpchi GS5 SUV. Based on the Alfa Romeo 166 platform, and derived from the 2009 concept X-power, the production SUV was be unveiled at this year's Guangzhou motor show.

  • Subaru Legacy Concept


    The Subaru Legacy Concept, which makes it debut at next week's Los Angeles auto show, hints at the future design direction of the carmaker's flagship Legacy mid-size sedan models.

  • Subaru Legacy (2015)


    Subaru's 2015 Legacy has few of the design cues previewed by the concept seen at the Los Angeles auto show, although it echoes some themes.

  • Designer Interview: Zhang Fan, Design Director, GAC

    2015-05-09T11:33:10+01:00By Xie Guoqing

    We also explored the emotional link between people and their cars. Cars are no longer simply tools to get from A to B. They are an expression of individuality, interests, lifestyle, or even an extension of your home. We wanted to capture this relationship and so experimented with the idea ...

  • Designer Interview: Zhang Fan, Design Director, GAC

    2015-05-09T11:33:04+01:00By Xie Guoqing

    Zhang Fan, whose exterior design for the Mercedes-Benz A-Class was unveiled at the Shanghai International motor Show last year, has since left the German manufacturer and taken up the position of Design Director at Chinese carmaker, GAC.

  • BMW i and Wallpaper* Megacity project

    2015-05-09T10:50:18+01:00By Rufus Thompson

    BMW i and Wallpaper* magazine have joined forces for ‘Sustainable Neighborhoods', a global project exploring how design and technology will serve in keeping megacities of the future moving.

  • VW, GM join BATC, GAC plus Chris Bangle and more at key China design event

    2015-05-09T10:16:54+01:00By Car Design News

    To read this page in English, please click here.

  • VW, GM join BATC, GAC plus Chris Bangle and more at key China design event

    2015-05-09T10:16:51+01:00By Car Design News


  • BMW Megacity Vehicle (MCV)

    2015-05-06T22:27:13+01:00By Nargess Shahmanesh Banks

    BMW's Project i - an internal codename for a possible sub-brand dedicated to green urban driving - has been in the works for some time. The Vision EfficientDynamics concept, unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Show, showcased some of the lightweight technological advances and design thinking behind the forthcoming zero-emission cars.