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Interior Motives is the leading automotive interiors print magazine, showcasing the very best in automotive interior design through case studies of groundbreaking concepts and production cars, interviews with leading design figures and cutting analysis from our team of experienced writers. Readers gain an insight into where vehicle interiors are headed and the inspiration behind designs old and new. Interior Motives is a must have for anyone involved in or excited by car design, but also those interested in sister industries such as fashion and digital technology.

Interior Motives Autumn 2022

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Interior Motives Autumn 2022 Edition

This edition reviews the latest interiors from Tata, Cadillac, Dacia, Ferrari and Volkswagen plus what life after the skateboard platform will mean for designers

Interior Motives Summer 2022

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Interior Motives Summer 2022 Edition

Twenty years ago saw the launch of Interior Motives. So, it seems fitting that the magazine, after a two-year hiatus, returns to print, thus marking its 20th year anniversary