Interior Motives Spring 2023 edition

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Interior Motives Spring 2023 edition [PARALLAX]

Good news for sports car fans – Polestar’s 02 roadster concept will go into production as the Polestar 6


Discover the season's most notable car launches and interiors

Ram 1500 concept - A Rough Diamond. Ram may be a little late to the party with its electrified truck, but, as the stellar 1500 EV Concept handily illustrates, there are advantages to staying your hand.

Audi Activesphere - High in the Activesphere. The Activesphere builds on the morphing body of the Skysphere and injects a concentrated version of its 'Allroad' aesthetic. The fourth concept of the 'Sphere' series, its interior cleverly combines minimalism and bleeding-edge technology.

Peugeot Inception – La Nouvelle Vague. Peugeot's Inception concept provides strong clues to the brand's future design direction.

Citroën Oli - A sheep in the wolf's clothing. The Oli's hard-edged exterior might look imposing and brutish, but this concept is all about re-establishing the brand's values around comfort, simplicity and practicality.

Kia EV9 - In a different league. Kia's new full size SUV sports a stylish, monochrome interior that aims to tackle the brash aesthetic of many other plush models in the segment.

Plus special features on:

FASHION X CAR DESIGN - Fashion has always had an influence on car design and collaborations between the two are nothing new. But when individuals within those industries work together, with equal input and interest, the results can be spectacular. Interior Motives investigates a few recent high-profile examples...

AUTONOMOUS INTERIORS - From cinemas on wheels, rolling restaurants and even mobile gyms, there have been many weird and wonderful visions for autonomous vehicle interiors. But with the early hoodoo dying down - and interested parties realising AVs may be further off than first thought - the industry is becoming more realistic and has settled on a core set of themes: wellness, productivity and accessibility.

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