New research explores car design working practices


A Konzepthaus report explores how car designers at various levels and locations are adapting to the new way of working

Research from design consultancy Konzepthaus has revealed a shift in working patterns within the car design space, although trends vary from region to region and by seniority. At a high level, there appears to be a desire among junior designers for greater flexibility and work-life balance – which could be more challenging for some roles than others. Even so, it is a significant consideration for design studios as they look to onboard the next generation of talent.

The report was wide ranging and considered age groups between 18 and 55 and over, all levels of seniority through to VP of design, and received 776 responses from 22 different countries. The focus was on the concept of ‘New Work’, described as a “structural change” in the working world that was largely accelerated by the pandemic. As CDN found during the initial global lockdowns, designers were forced to find a way to continue working, collaborating and pushing out exciting projects.

“The expectation was proven correct in the sense of the fact that it is above all the younger generations who support and lead the topic of ‘New Work’, and are thus recognised as having such a great influence,” the team at Konzepthaus told CDN. “In the war of talent, the issue of responding to the needs of these groups, therefore, plays an even greater role.”

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