Interior Motives: Hyundai Prophecy


Resolutely not a ‘show business’ car, the Prophecy contrasts analogue and digital worlds to create an original and unique car interior which, according to the design team, will soon be on our streets

The Hyundai Prophecy didn’t get the fanfare it deserved at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show when the coronavirus pandemic forced the famous Swiss event to be cancelled. But even when viewed remotely, its design garnered a favourable response from critics and fans alike. In particular, the Prophecy’s curvaceous shiny black exterior drew favourable comparisons to the classic 1947 UrSaab, the mid-70s Porsche 911(930 Turbo) and also modern-day Teslas, but its finely executed and ultra-modern front and rear lights, wheels and back-lit badging catapulted it beyond retro or derivative accusations. It doesn’t look like any previous car from the South Korean brand either, suggesting that its design team really is trying to break new ground (and is still on a roll).        

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