Seating Trends: Driver centred solutions

Hyundai Virtual Seat Buck 3

Designing the cabin to allow the driver to sit in the centre and the development of lighter, more sustainable seats

A centrally-positioned driver’s seat isn’t just for sports cars like the McLaren F1: it’s well-suited to optimise both interior space and all-round vision in different types of vehicle, and particularly in electric vehicles without a front engine compartment.

Volta Trucks places the driver centrally in its delivery van, giving a better view out – and thus heightened awareness of other, vulnerable, road-users such as pedestrians and cyclists – as well as easier access to the cab through the sliding doors on each side. The tiny 3222mm-long Uniti One urban commuter EV, designed in Sweden, also positions the driver in the middle, up front with two flat-folding passenger seats behind; this three-seat layout allows for 155 litres of luggage space three-up, but up to 760 ‘usable’ litres seats-down.

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