Bob Boniface on Buick’s new face

4. 1954 Buick Wildcat close-up with 2022 Buick Wildcat EV Concept model on GM Design Ponderosa

Car Design News spoke to design director for Global Buick Design Bob Boniface about how the GM brand got it’s new face

Redesigning the face of car is trickier than ever given the added layer of complexity ushered in by EVs. In search of a new identity, design boss at Bob Boniface. Buick threw down the gauntlet to his team. An initial sketched proposal ended up turning into the Wildcat concept. Boniface tells the story to CDN. 

Bob Boniface: The project didn’t start with anyone asking us to change the face internally. We have a small studio here with very passionate car folks, and we knew we were transitioning to all EV. That will be an inflection point for any brand making that switch. I simply asked the designers during a sketch review: “Given a clean sheet of paper, what would you do with the face of the brand?”

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