Pick-up concept previews Renault’s international push

Niagara Concept (1)

The Niagara concept has been designed for markets like Colombia, India and Turkey where rugged off-road capabilities are crucial 

Renault has revealed a concept car designed explicitly for markets outside of Europe. It is easy to see how the design differs to Renault models sold on the Continent: this is a vehicle that looks as though it could have a dig at the Dakar rally.

There are hints of the Arkana crossover-coupe about the silhouette, with a tail that seems to flick upwards (an optical illusion created by the camouflage paintwork) but otherwise it feels quite unfamiliar, very different even to the Alaskan pick-up and worlds away from heritage models like the 1952 Colorale pick-up.

Niagara Concept (2)

The Renault Niagara concept 

The front end is upright, imposing even, with shades of the Ford Raptor about it (although not quite as gargantuan) and a chunky skidplate that hints at serious off-road prowess. It is likely inspired partly by the Renault 4EVER concept revealed in October last year, particularly from that front view but also with the roof-mounted spare tyre and chunky trim.

Spare tyres are mounted in the rear pick-up bed, with…

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