Creating CO2-free cars is a “huge undertaking”, says VW design chief

Klaus Zyciora Volkswagen Group head of design

Designers must consider the impact of cars on the environment at every point of the process, according to VW’s Klaus Zyciora

World leaders are currently gathered in Glasgow, Scotland at COP26 to discuss climate change and, hopefully, put in place tangible measures that ensure the planet avoids a climate catastrophe. In the shadow of the summit, head of VW Group design Klaus Zyciora speaks to Car Design News about the challenges facing carmakers in their mission to lower their impact on the environment.

”We are looking to achieve a 30% reduction in our CO2 footprint by 2025,” he says. This figure considers all VW Group activities, from the initial design and prototyping of the car all the way through to its final production and delivery to the customer. “We have our first production site that is CO2-free – Zwickau in Germany, where the ID.3 and ID.4 are produced using green energy. The car comes to the customer CO2-free, but we have to offset certain parts of the process.”

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