Changan designers have spent nearly half a year working with students at the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences to explore unconventional mobility concepts

In Germany, Chinese automaker Changan has been building a close relationship with the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences. It has been sponsoring the transportation design course for several years now, helping to create a future-looking brief and inspiring the next generation to work outside of the box. Earlier projects have explored how future vehicles could be combined with different sports, for example. 

The latest project ran through March and July this year and asked students from the transportation design course to investigate the theme of ‘3D Mobility: The Future of Flight Forms’. 

Students were also invited along to the Changan European Design Center in Turin, Italy to meet the design team, delve into Chinese culture and consider how to break away from traditional mobility concepts. They also had a chance to get hands on with Changan’s new electric sedan, the SL03, shown in the gallery below. 

Below are some of the standout future mobility solutions devised by the Pforzheim students during this year’s five-month collaboration.

Race Around the World 

The Race Around the World concept introduces a unique sporting event where participants traverse all the diverse terrains and biomes found on Earth. The vehicle design draws inspiration from rallying, featuring both a pilot cockpit and an AI navigator/co-pilot cockpit. Communication between the pilot and AI relies on cutting-edge brainwave interpretation technology, which visualises brainwave input on the headrest and enables communication between the AI and the pilot.

TYTO - The Future of Flight Shapes 

The ‘TYTO’ project provides an opportunity for future generations to break free from digital isolation by turning racing into a social activity. Inspired by the silent barn owl, this flying sports machine allows participants to demonstrate their gaming skills in a silent and thrilling race. The futuristic design, coupled with advanced technology and materials, ensures efficient and safe flight. The colorful and comfortable cockpit fosters a welcoming atmosphere, allowing teenagers to bond beyond screens and participate in exciting competitions together.

Flying Food Truck BAO 

The BAO is not merely a food truck serving a variety of world cuisines and fostering cultural connections but also extends a helping hand to those in need of supplies, water or food. Part of Changan’s Future Care Program, the Flying Food Truck follows peoples’ schedules, offering diverse food options during lunch breaks and at city events. A prominent screen at the front of the truck informs people about the available foods and ordering times. When opened, the truck provides space for dining, chatting and enjoying meals. Below the glass display sits another screen with information about each dish, including ingredients and cultural details. The circular shape of the truck draws inspiration from Chinese steamed dumplings or “baozi.” The truck features a combination of smooth surfaces and a technical area at the back, where the thrust engine is located, reflecting the concepts of ‘caring’ and ‘serving people.’

Arane travel vehicle

’Arane’ (derived from Ancient Greek) is a travel vehicle inspired by the unique characteristics of the Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot, combining the complex terrain of Zhangjiajie with Spider-Man’s locomotion. Its power system utilises pendulum motion to generate kinetic energy, propelling the pod with a graceful swinging motion and a long magnetised grappling hook. Arane features two swing modes: the dual swing, also known as the “Chaos Swing,” for regular motion, and an adventurous mode with unpredictable and dynamic motion. These modes provide users with a new and exciting travel experience, allowing them to swing through canyons and witness the beauty of the scenery from a fresh perspective in this unique national park.