Concept Cars: All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Show?

Hyundai Prophecy ext - mood render

The star turns of the motor show, concept cars provoke, excite and inspire. But what happens to the special guests when the party is cancelled?

Has the last, and perhaps greatest, of Europe’s traditional motor shows finally fallen? While 2020’s Geneva exhibition fell victim to Covid-19, 2021’s show has already met its far more ignominious end due to lack of interest. While many of the questions arising from this sad, but perhaps inevitable, turn of events are easily answered, one is more tricky.

 Namely, with the rapid and most-likely permanent waning of the motor show as we know it (at least outside of China), what becomes of the show stars if the curtain falls for good? With such a marked decline in their natural habitat, might concept cars as an, um, concept, wither too?

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