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    Toyota Urban Cruiser concept


    The Urban Cruiser aims to build on Toyota's heritage in SUVs and suggests a possible additional model for the line-up in future below the current RAV4.

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    Toyota FT-HS


    The FT-HS 'Hybrid Sports' concept is a bold design direction, unashamedly advanced and challenging yet based on sound principles that many casual observers may have overlooked.

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    Toyota Highlander / Highlander Hybrid


    The 2008 Highlander is based on the current Camry and Avalon platforms, and follows the theme of "Smart In/Strong Out" (smart on the inside, strong on the outside). The Calty-designed Highlander features an "intelligent and advanced" look and feel on the interior with "tough and rugged" styling cues on the ...

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    Toyota Hybrid X


    Designed in Toyota's ED2 studio in Nice, the Hybrid X is said to propose a new design language for their hybrid models. Interior designer, Laurent Bouzige, says: "Hybrid X is conceived as a multi-sensory experience.

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    Toyota Avensis


    This is the third generation of the Avensis and one that appears to have hints of shrunken Lexus LS460 about it - maybe not a bad image in these non-ostentatious credit crunch times.

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    Toyota Prius


    Honda only got to enjoy the ‘hybrid limelight' for a single day at the NAIAS before the company synonymous with the technology, Toyota, hit back with the unveil of its third-generation Prius hatchback (due this summer).

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    Toyota iQ


    The iQ concept is a near-production ready development of the Endo concept seen two years ago and is an interesting counterpoint to the VW Up! concept seen here today.

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    Toyota Verso


    Toyota was making a lot of noise about the new Prius, which made its European debut at a private function in Geneva on the eve of the first press day.

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    Toyota HI-CT


    The Hi-CT is Toyota's latest answer for a vehicle to appeal to young couples in Japan, a generation who appear to be losing interest in conventional sporty cars and find a tall and boxy profile far more appealing.

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    Toyota Sequola


    This is the second-generation Vibe and, like the first-generation, this car is based on the Toyota Matrix, also debuting here at LA in its new form. The Vibe shares its interior with the Matrix but the exterior is different, and we think it is the better for it...

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    Toyota Corolla


    In its domestic market, Toyota sells a three and five-door Corolla hatchback that was launched in 2006 and is also sold in Europe as the Auris. The new North American market Corolla - unveiled previously in tuner form at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and shown at the LA ...

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    Toyota Matrix


    This is the second-generation Toyota Matrix. Essentially, the new design follows the formula of its first-generation predecessor in being a slightly 'funked up' compact hatchback based on the platform of the Corolla and marketed very specifically at the youngest of North American car drivers. The overall proportions and profile of ...

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    GAC VIP Lounge concept


    One of the surprise hits of today's Shanghai auto show was this four-door luxury sedan displayed by Guangzhou Auto (GAC) - a Chinese joint venture with Honda and Toyota. Dubbed the VIP-Lounge Concept, the design study wears the company's independent GAC brand label and is rumored to have been created ...

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    Toyota FT-86


    Having made a name for eco with the Prius, now Toyota looks set to define ego with its new 2+2 coupe, the FT-86. And it looks superb.

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    Toyota FT-EV II


    The first FT-EV was based on the iQ, and now Toyota is previewing the production model due 2012.

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    Toyota 4Runner


    Although debuting at the Texas Fair six weeks ago, the LA Auto Show was the international show debut of this important new production design from Toyota.

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    Toyota Sienna


    This is perhaps the most significant international production design debut of the show.

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    Toyota FT-CH


    Toyota chose the Detroit auto show to unveil the FT-CH concept, a compact four-passenger vehicle that was created in response to customer and dealer demand for a greater variety of hybrid choices.

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    Toyota Prius V


    The Prius' success for Toyota is undoubted, not just in sales terms but also in image building, much of which can be attributed to the Prius's unique design identity. While Prius III moved slightly away from the 2004 car's hugely successful design, it maintained the hallmark of what it helped ...

  • Toyota Hilux 2016 01

    New Car: Toyota HiLux (2015)


    Eighth-generation HiLux adds luxury to the car's functional brief