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July 27, 2001 - L‘Instituto d’Arte Applicata e Design di Torino (The Turin Institute of Applied Art and Design) is currently exhibiting the work of students in Transportation Design, with the title "La Transportività Evoluta", hosted at Museo dell’Auto in Turin.

The project looks at the evolution of the sporting concept surrounding the Alfa Romeo trademark, through the study and the planning of a third generation Sportwagon. The Centro Ricerche Fiat is sponsoring the study of a new car model able to embody, in form and functionality, the sporting customer's needs linked to the Alfa Romeo trademark.

The project is based on characteristics of a vehicle between 4200 and 4500 mm long and 1800 mm wide with front engine and rear drive. The IAAD students presented their final course thesis with 1:4 scale clay models, lay-out drawings, preliminary concept sketches, and Alias renderings.

The design studies, achieved in collaboration between IAAD and Centro Ricerche Fiat, become a useful resource for Alfa Romeo in the development of their future models.

The exposition on "La Transportività Evoluta" will be hosted at Museo dell’Automobile di Torino until the 27 of August and until the 29 of July, it will also be possible to visit the exibition "Omaggio alla Ferrari".

For further information: IAAD office 011/548868 (from 3 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.). E-mail:


L‘Instituto d’Arte Applicata e Design di Torino

The Institute was founded in 1978 in the Industrial Design capital thanks to a group of professional and expert people who were working in the field of visual communications and has grown to play an important role in design education and professional design.

The Institute works in three areas: advertising and graphic design, interior design, and automotive design.

Over the past twenty years, l‘Istituto d‘Arte Applicata e Design di Torino has been successful in building up a highly qualified staff of teachers and visiting professionals. Moreover, it was the first Italian design institute to start a course about automotive design, attended by students coming all over the Europe.

The Transportation Design course involves a study program lasting three years. The main purpose is to link the industrial and the research world through the study of projects supported by the industry itself.

Course teachers:
Giampiero Briguglio (Carcerano industrial design agency)
Thomas Salzle (Fiat Style Center)
Marino Vernetti (Pininfarina Extra)
Mauro Basso (Fiat Style Center)
Luciano D’Ambrosio (formerly Chief Designer Exteriors Stile Bertone, currently Chief designer Honda Style Center in Milan)
Sisto Cagnoli (Fiat Style Center)
Fabrizio Pepe (Pepe Virtual Model)

Course programme:
1st year:
Industrial technical design
Illustration 1 (rendering techniques)
Industrial design 1
Automotive design 1
Motorcycle/scooter design 1

2nd year:
Illustration 2 (rendering techniques)
Industrial design 2
Automotive design 2
Interior design 1
Industrial design 1
Motorcycle/scooter design 2
Constructions technique
Material technique
Virtual modelling 1 (Alias)
Modelling 3D 1 (manual clay)

3rd year:
Automotive design 3
Interior design 2
Virtual modelling 2 (Alias)
Modelling 3D 2 (manual clay)
Introduction and realization of sponsored project (Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Aprilia, ...) valid as final course thesis

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