BASF MySetta concept showcases industry-leading automotive applications
by CDN Team    21 Oct 2013
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1958 BMW Isetta 250 'bubble car' was chosen for modification. Click for larger images
MySetta gets a custom two-tone paint finish
Steron-trimmed parcel shelf (left) with close-up (right)
Interior lining was produced with the Steron system

Project type advanced materials demonstrator
Donor vehicle 1958 BMW Isetta 250
Project idea/co-ordinator Heidrun Goth
Project co-ordinator Guido Gabriel
BASF coatings/color designer Mark Gutjahr
Project launched April 2013

The project was as much about BASF's automotive applications as it was about fashion products and accessories
The seats are made from Elastoflex W polyurethane

In January 2013, German chemicals giant BASF came up with the idea of building a bespoke vehicle to help demonstrate its industry-leading automotive applications - the MySetta. Starting with the iconic 1958 BMW Isetta 250 ‘bubble car', a team led by project co-ordinator Guido Gabriel modified the chassis, body and interior using BASF paints, fabrics and flexible foams.

As well as showcasing BASF's automotive applications, the MySetta project demonstrates how they can be used to create striking fashion products such as shoes, coats and handbags; and accessories like a picnic hamper and portable stereo. Read the full story behind their development in the next issue of Interior Motives.

The MySetta received a custom two-tone paint finish at BASF's Coatings' Refinish Competence Center in Münster. The high-tech waterborne paint - part of the ‘Glasurit 90' line - is composed of the colors Big White and metallic Bluetta, created specifically for the car.

The seats are made from lightweight Elastoflex W polyurethane foam, while the interior lining was produced with the Steron system - a special transfer coating that provides soft-touch surfaces with limitless design options. A silicone matrix was engraved onto the white retractable roof panel and blue fabric via a laser.