Technicon Design to present Roding Roadster at CDN Car Design Night
by Rufus Thompson    02 Mar 2012
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The first teaser of the Roding Roadster, a half view of the car's rear

Technicon Design is all set to present the Roding Roadster - the first production car developed for Roding Automobile - at Car Design News’ Car Design Night in Geneva on Tuesday evening.

The car is the result of collaboration between the two companies after Roding contacted Technicon Design at the beginning of 2011 with the task of redesigning its prototype sports car.

Roding developed a prototype of its Roadster concept in 2008, originally designed at the university in Munich, and displayed at the Frankfurt motor show three years ago. In 2009 the company began research into design support to move the concept into a production product.

The revised design underlines the carbon fiber monocoque structure with precise side surfaces, combining a coupe silhouette with the concept of an open roadster.

Look out for the full design story of the car following its Geneva debut.

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