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    Audi quattro goes to the moon (ish)


    Moon vehicle is built for a film, but could get real

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    The Designers Pt 17: Nicola Crea, Coventry University


    “We don’t need traditional designers, we need people with new perspectives and open minds”

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    The Designers Pt 5: Pratap Bose, Tata


    Tata's head of design talks us through the challenges facing car design in the coming years

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    Design Development: Deep Orange 5


    How a city-car concept for Gen Y and Z drivers, designed and engineered by Gen Y and Z students, was created

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    Aunde Group – Yarn to Driver Experience [Sponsored]


    Automotive supplier travels the world to share innovative ideas with global customers

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    BASF: The colour and the shape [Sponsored]


    How automotive plastics are enjoying an aesthetic renaissance thanks to BASF

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    Designer Interviews: Chris Bangle on his work with Sanlorenzo super yachts


    Bangle on how boat design is "the last bastion of having the freedom to do what you want"

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    Design Development: Lexus LF-SA concept


    How Lexus' tiny Geneva concept grew from an internal research projec

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    Sportswear designer styles for Nissan


    *ecko unltd. Pathfinder. Click for larger images'Cut + Sew' Armada "It's not a mash-up. It's a double-label," says sportswear stylist Marc Ecko of his partnership with Nissan in North America. Ecko has worked with Nissan to create co-branded Pathfinder and Armada vehicles in keeping with Ecko's ...

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    Toyota ED2 Studio Overview


    Toyota's Europe Design Development (ED2) facility near Nice, France has thrown open its doors to communicate it's new design initiative 'Vibrant Clarity' in Europe.

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    First Sight: 2013 Range Rover


    Land Rover has grand ambitions for its fourth generation flagship SUV. It wants it to remain the world's best 4x4 but thanks to a strategy of bold design evolution it believes it has designed the best luxury car yet, one that can steal sales from non-SUV limos.

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    Design Essay: Cars and Fashion Design


    Pierre Cardin AMC Javelin. Click for larger imagesPaul Smith MiniMini Concept Tokyo (2005)Courreges Zooop (2006)Courreges EXE (2004)Courreges Bulle (2002)Recent history is packed with fashion designers who have had a go at car design.In the seventies - in North America - Pierre Cardin worked with AMC to develop the AMC ...

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    Coventry University MA Degree Show 2006


    Patrick le Quement, Renault's senior vice president of Corporate Design presented the Corus Award for 'Best Vehicle Design', which was awarded to Dev O'Nion who won for his design concept 'Apto Sapor.'O'Nion's project - an interior design concept - was inspired by organic themes in nature - what he called ...

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    Design Development: MG Icon concept


    Creating a small SUV from the DNA of a brand so strongly associated with iconic sports cars was clearly a challenge. Especially considering that the vehicle type demanded a degree of functional practicality and couldn't end up with too much visual mass.

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    Design Development: MG Icon concept


    Vehicle type concept/coupe crossoverDesign Director Anthony Williams-KennyProject director Shao JingfengInterior/Color & trim manager Lu Ying3D/digital design manager Tang MingxingProject started July 2011Project completed March 2012Launch Beijing/April 2012Supplier Phiaro Inc. (concept build), Bridge of Weir (leather trim)

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    Designer Interview: Peter Schreyer, Chief Designer, Kia


    Peter Schreyer. Click for larger imagesPeter Schreyer presents the new Kia cee'd at the 2006 Paris Motor ShowKia cee'dKia cee'dKia pro_cee'd conceptKia pro_cee'd conceptFew moves in car design have attracted as much attention in recent years as Peter Schreyer's move from VW to Kia Motors.That Schreyer is leading Kia's ...

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    Design Development: Kia Provo concept


    For the interior design, it was again French designer Florent Mennechet's key sketches that were chosen for development, with the overall design overseen by interior design manager Ralph Kluge and senior interior designer James Moon. Work began in earnest in January 2012. "We [wanted it to] have a dual personality ...

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    Design Development: Kia Provo concept


    Vehicle type concept/hybrid-electric coupé Chief design officer KIA Peter SchreyerChief designer KIA Design Center Europe Gregory GuillaumeDesign manager, exterior Laurent BoulaySenior designer, exterior Davide LimongelliDesign manager, interior Ralph KlugeSenior designer, interior James MoonInterior designers Florent MennechetColor and Trim manager Barbara SchefflerColor and Trim designer Kathari

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    Design Development: Kia GT4 Stinger concept


    Once Christopher Coutts' exterior design was chosen, the interior theme began to be reworked simultaneously. "After we went with Chris' theme, I had to reestablish a theme for the interior that matched that exterior better," explains Brian White, "so there was another two or three weeks of sketching after that ...

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    Design Development: Kia GT4 Stinger concept


    Vehicle type Concept/2+2 rear-wheel drive sports carLength 4,310mmWidth 1,890mmHeight 1,250mmWheelbase 2,619mm