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    Fiat Trepiùno concept - Design Review


    Mar 26, 2004 – Fifty years ago in austere post war Europe there were four peoples’ cars, newly launched or about to be launched: Ferdinand Porsche’s Volkswagen Beetle of 1945, Pierre Boulanger’s Citroen 2CV of 1948, Dante Giacosa’s Fiat 500 Nuovo of 1957 and Alec Issigonis’s Austin Mini of 1959. ...

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    Birmingham Motor Show 2002 - Highlights


    The new MG SV was launched at the British International Motor Show by MG-Rover Design Director Peter Stevens, with a statement that the new car is his vision of what an extreme MG should be.

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    British Motor Show 2004 - Highlights


    May 26, 2004 – The UK is home to many famous brands such as Bentley, Morgan, Rover, Jaguar, Lotus and MG but with so many now under foreign stewardship (Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, and Mini to name just three) the international significance of the British Motor Show has been in ...

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    The design development of the Mercedes A-Class


    In 1885 an engineer called Karl Benz created arguably the world's first car. Ever since then Mercedes-Benz has been famous for being an engineering led company, one that now has more technical innovations and patents to its name than any other car company. This is the story of the design ...

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    Renault Ellypse Design Development


    The Renault Ellypse was one of the most interesting concept cars to be shown at the 2002 Paris Motor Show.

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    Ford Focus - Design Review


    Oct 20, 2004 – Car design, as everything, is relative. How we read a car's design is relative to the world that surrounds it - specifically other cars and in particular those of the same type, its siblings and predecessor. Seeing the new Ford Focus in the flesh at Paris ...

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    BMW 3 Series - First Sight


    Oct 27, 2004 – With the 7 Series of 2001, Z4 of 2002, X3, 5 and 6 Series of 2003, and 1 Series earlier this year, the current E46 3 Series is the last (X5 excepted) 'old school' BMW in production. These first official pictures show BMW's fifth generation E90 ...

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    The design development of the Skoda Roomster


    The Skoda Roomster was a breath of fresh air at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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    The design development of the Opel Signum


    The Opel Signum production car debuted in its final production form at this year's Geneva Motor Show, alongside the GTC Genève concept car which previewed the design direction of Opel's forthcoming new-generation Astra, due later in the year.

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    BMW Z4 Design Development


    BMW has a long, if sporadic, history of making roadster sports cars. It made the 328 for four years from 1936, two decades later it made the 507 for four years, and then three decades later it made the Z1 for four years until 1991.

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    Renault Megane Design Development


    Behind the design of every major mass market car lies a myriad of different factors that impacted upon how it came to be.

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    Smart Roadster and Roadster Coupe Design Development


    At the 1998 Paris Motor Show the two seater 2.5 metre long Smart City Coupe was launched.

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    Design Review: Mercedes-Benz CST Vision B


    Dec 13, 2004 – Nearly three years ago Mercedes presented the Vision R Grand Sports Tourer concept in Detroit which heralded a new direction for Mercedes production cars. The GST was a 'crossover' vehicle with the four wheel drive and muscular design identity of an SUV, the three rows of ...

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    Flaminio Bertoni exhibition at the Design Museum, London


    One of the most influential European automotive designers of the 20th century, Flaminio Bertoni, the designer of the Citroën DS, is the subject of an exhibition at the Design Museum in London.

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    The Audi A8 Design Story


    Every vehicle design development story is unique, but the development of the new Audi A8 is in many ways an archetypal example of a new vehicle design programme, touching on so many of the issues that impact on the vehicle design process.

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    What's New


    The new E63 6 Series from BMW fills a position in the marque’s range left vacant since the much maligned 8 series produced from 1988-99, and follows on in name and spirit from the 6 Series that was produced from 1976-89.

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    Ford SYNus Design Review


    America is famous for its big cars. For a non-American, to think 'American car' is to think big finned late-fifties sedan, huge cop car or New York cab, or pick-ups that are longer than a long wheelbase Mercedes S-class. Big cars make sense in a country that takes four or ...

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    New BMW 5 Series announced


    April 02, 2003 - For years German car brands have built up consistent design identities with each new model being an evolution of its predecessor.

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    Daewoo concept vehicles at the Seoul Motor Show


    November 27, 2002 - The Flex and Oto are two concept cars that GM Daewoo is showing at this week’s Seoul Motor Show, that aim to grow peoples’ awareness of the rejuvenated brand, particularly in its home market.

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    Honda Accord - European and Asian model


    October 30, 2002 - This is the 7th generation European Honda Accord. It was announced in saloon form at the recent Paris Motor Show, the estate version more recently, and both variants will be available in Europe early next year.