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What will help users build trust in an autonomous driving car? How can we improve the integration of the car in your daily life? What are future technologies and how can we provide a stunning user experience? This webinar outlines how one company, with deep expertise in creating in-car systems, is planning for an autonomous and shared-ownership future.

The way machines are communicating is changing rapidly. New methods like augmented and virtual reality, hand tracking and holograms will shape the future of human-machine interaction (HMI). Because they are giving a more enhanced user experience, the HMI becomes more user friendly, natural and intuitive to operate. This presentation-led webinar with Olaf Preissner outlines how new technology values are being leveraged through UX design. The presentation reveals the timeline experts in the field are working to for the move towards part-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicles. It also investigates the challenges faced by UX design specific to vehicles, and gives an excellent overview of the main drivers in this field.

The use of space within the car is fundamentally changing, but not, perhaps, in the way we expect or can predict now. As technology advances, interiors design needs to adapt and designers need to understand the changing landscape. This webinar is a must-watch for designers working on packaging and interiors.

 About the presenter: this webinar is created and presented by Olaf Preissner, Head of UX Design Automotive & Innovation at Luxoft. As an initiator and part of the Creative Lab, Olaf Preissner is responsible for all Automotive and Innovation projects at Luxoft across the different locations. His focus is to develop state of the art and process optimised solutions for advanced Infotainment solutions.

Who should attend

  • Interior designers
  • Exterior designers
  • Colour and trim specialists
  • Modellers
  • Strategists

About Luxoft
Luxoft is a leading independent software service provider for automotive OEMs and suppliers. Combining thought leadership, industry expertise, resource scalability and IP, we develop high-end automotive software solutions across user experience (UX) design, human-machine interface (HMI), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, connectivity,  Internet of Things (IoT), telematics and navigation.

To view this webinar again, please click on the following link. You can also see the full archive of CDN webinars, which are available free of charge at