Webinars: RTT Realtime Design & Engineering Reviews
by CDN Team    06 Apr 2011
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Car Design News hosted Realtime Design & Engineering Reviews Using High-End 3D Visualizations with RTT on April 6, 2011. This particular webinar explored how Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly important in the product development process.

Thanks to new visualization and simulation, technologies are minimizing dependence on physical prototypes, which in turn create massive cost and time savings.

Manufacturers can perform comprehensive reviews of design and technical concepts directly on a virtual model in real-time and with life-like quality. This virtual process allows for more rapid and reliable product development and enables short-term decision-making. 

RTT experts Jan Bodenstein and Boris Koller hosted this visualizations webinar. Bodenstein is a senior 3D consultant in engineering solutions and has worked at RTT for four years, whilst previous accolades include the development of the Atari published racing game 'Crashday'. Koller, meanwhile, is Product Manager at RTT who, after stints at Tesis PLMWare and Jaguar, joined RTT in 2002. 

This particular webinar drew on the experience of the hosts and provided comprehensive insight into different techniques for conducting efficient design and engineering reviews including comparison of variants, geometry analysis, simulation of fluid dynamics, ergonomic evaluations and immersive applications.

As part of a continuing complimentary series from CDN the webinar is now free to view or download. Click the link below to view this free online seminar: Realtime Design & Engineering Reviews Using High-End 3D Visualizations with RTT

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