Webinars: Visualization & Digital Effect Creation with Autodesk
02 Feb 2011
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Car Design News hosted Visualization & Digital Effect Creation with Autodesk on February 9, 2011. This webinar explored how effective communication is key to 'selling' a particular design internally, and provided information on how to get your vision across using Autodesk Showcase, with an emphasis on materials, cross-sections and environments.

We all know that a beautifully-rendered image captures the emotion of a design idea; convincing animations and digital effects place the product in a realistic environment and depict consumer interaction, making the design credible and relevant to the target consumer. In today's competitive global marketplace, designers are under constant pressure to not only design, but also communicate on-the-fly to sell their product.

With shorter development cycles, designers are increasingly called upon to contribute their artwork for use in product marketing and advertising. In this webinar, Autodesk demonstrated how Showcase facilitates the conversation, weaving realistic imagery together with flawless interoperability and a multitude of design creation tools.

The webinar, Autodesk's third with Car Design News, was hosted by Kevin Ketchum, an Automotive Design Solutions Engineer. Kevin is a well-established digital artist who has experience working for various consumer product and automotive manufacturers, including Motorola, Nike, Sea Ray, General Motors, Ford, the former DaimlerChrysler, Lincoln, and Hyundai. He's also the former president of the Industrial Design Society of America.

Over the course of his career, Kevin has created rendered images by using various software packages to create the commercial artwork used for print, online, and broadcast promotional material. Kevin illustrated the ease with which animations and digital effects can be created using 3dsMax and Maya in order to communicate a design.

Part of a continuing complimentary series from CDN the 45-minute webinar is now free to view or download.

Click the link below to view this free online seminar to advance your existing knowledge about 3D visualization and digital effects: Visualization & Digital Effect Creation with Autodesk

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